Jack's Delivery

After finding out, at nearly 41 weeks pregnant, that Jack was not in ideal positioning for a natural birth, Danny and I, along with my Doctor, decided that the safest option for delivery was a c section. Although our c section was scheduled, things did not go as expected. My doctor had a very difficult time delivering Jack. It took much longer than expected. Jack's cord was wrapped twice around his neck, something we nor my doctor were aware of. Once he was delivered and suctioned he did not begin breathing on his own right away. Luckily the NICU team was right there able to rush in. They were able to get him breathing in about a minute, the longest minute of my life. Here are some photos from Jack's delivery, some are graphic, but they tell a story that I will never forget and cannot do justice in words.

Jack Hudson is doing wonderfully! He was born at 9:24am on February 17th at 21 inches and 7 lbs 12 oz. He is now over 8 lbs and 21.5 inches. We are so excited to watch this little man grow and could not be more thankful for our amazing and healthy baby boy!

40 Weeks!

I know I say this at just about every update, but I cannot believe my pregnancy is almost over! Jack could be here any day. Recently at my OB appointments they have begun doing ultrasounds again to check his positioning. Unfortunately, as of last week, he was still not in the correct position for a natural delivery. 2 weeks ago he was transverse (Ella was transverse around the same time in my first pregnancy). Last week he had rotated and was breech. This week I have another ultrasound scheduled, hopefully he will have turned in the right direction so I don't have to schedule a c-section.

How far along? 40 Weeks
Size of baby: Approx. the size of a pumpkin (20 inches long and approx. 7.5 pounds)
Total weight gain/loss: 35 pounds
Maternity clothes? Definitely, yes
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Great
Miss Anything? My ankles
Movement: Yes, a lot of shifting and pressure
Food cravings: Not really
Anything making you queasy or sick: The thought of possibly having to have a c-section :(
Have you started to show yet: Yes, definitely
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Dilated a little over 1
Mood: Super excited for Jack's arrival but nervous about him turning
Looking forward to: Baby cuddles and introducing Ella to her brother

Snow Day!

This winter has been absolutely crazy! We have had record low temperatures and lots of snow. Last night we got a ton of snow but luckily it wasn't that cold...I mean the temperature was above zero, that is warm right?! The dental school closed, so Danny has been home, which is awesome! We took advantage of both Daddy time and the slightly warmer temp.s by playing outside. Ella had so much fun! She loved eating the snow more than anything and definitely would have stayed out there all day if we had let her. We actually had to do some major convincing to get her to come inside for a warm up break. Here are some pics from our snow day fun.

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