A New Chapter, A New Home

It is so incredibly hard to believe that Danny will be graduating from Dental School in just a couple of weeks! The last 4 years have seemed to fly by! 

We started this journey at 21 years old, just a month after we were married. 

Throughout the next 4 years we moved twice, I changed jobs twice, and we eventually added Ella and Jack to the mix. 

This last year of dental school has been quite crazy, not only adding Jack to our family but also filled with the entire process of residency applications, testing, interviews, and boards. 

Just a couple of months ago we found out that Danny was accepted into Houston's Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program, an awesome achievement! 

Shortly after celebrating we realized this brought on an exciting challenge for us. We needed to find a house in Houston, while still living in Indiana, no easy task. Well, after a lot of time on the phone, viewing a ton of property photos, watching a few videos of homes taken by our Realtor, putting in offers on 3 homes, negotiating, signing, negotiating again, and traveling to Texas for one day for the inspections....we finally got a house! 

Here are a few (before) pictures of our new home. 

The process was intense but it was worth it. We are so excited to have a fenced in yard for our kiddos to play in, to have an attached garage for the first time ever, and to have a really nice kitchen! The house does need some work to make it our own but I am looking forward to many DIY projects in the future. We are certainly going to miss our family and friends here in Indiana, but this new journey will be filled with greatness I am sure. It is definitely going to be a big change for all of us but we will get through it together and Ella, Jack, and I will be supporting Danny all the way through. 


This year we headed up north to celebrate Easter with our families. It was so nice to see everyone another time before we move (more on that later). Ella got to take part in 2 Easter Egg Hunts, which she loved! She has asked if we get to find eggs almost every day since we got home. 
Danny's side of the family celebrated at his parent's home. Everything was beautiful and Ella had such a blast playing with her cousins. 
My side of the family celebrated at my parent's cabin. This was a nice change of pace for us. My mom had an Easter Egg Hunt for us 'big kids' as well. We have fun with that every year! Ella had a ton of fun exploring in the woods and going on walks to find flowers. 
Jack slept nearly the entire day but I enjoyed showing him off none the less. He is such an amazingly easy going baby. 
Here are a few photos from the festivities.

Jack's Delivery

After finding out, at nearly 41 weeks pregnant, that Jack was not in ideal positioning for a natural birth, Danny and I, along with my Doctor, decided that the safest option for delivery was a c section. Although our c section was scheduled, things did not go as expected. My doctor had a very difficult time delivering Jack. It took much longer than expected. Jack's cord was wrapped twice around his neck, something we nor my doctor were aware of. Once he was delivered and suctioned he did not begin breathing on his own right away. Luckily the NICU team was right there able to rush in. They were able to get him breathing in about a minute, the longest minute of my life. Here are some photos from Jack's delivery, some are graphic, but they tell a story that I will never forget and cannot do justice in words.

Jack Hudson is doing wonderfully! He was born at 9:24am on February 17th at 21 inches and 7 lbs 12 oz. He is now over 8 lbs and 21.5 inches. We are so excited to watch this little man grow and could not be more thankful for our amazing and healthy baby boy!
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